Private Aromatherapy Consultation

Interested in scheduling an aromatherapy consult? Includes:

* Overview of your full health history by myself, a certified master aromatherapist. I have been an avid user of essential oils for nearly a decade, and have completed a 650 hour master clinical certification program, which exceeds Level II NAHA requirements. All information shared with me is kept strictly confidential.

* 1-3 page written aromatherapy plan based off your unique wellness goals, including a list of oils you should avoid based off your health profile (interactions, oils that lower seizure threshold, etc)

* Unique aromatherapy recipe tailored to your aroma preferences and wellness goals, with application instructions (actual essential oil blend not included, just the recipe and blending instructions)

* Up to one hour consultation with me, by phone or Skype, or comparable conversation by email if preferred, during which we discuss your health goals, my aromatherapy suggestions, and any questions you may have. If you live in the Houston, TX area, I love to meet with clients in person.

*Upon purchase you will receive a fillable pdf of the Aromatherapy Intake form. You can print, fill out, and scan/email back to me, OR you can fill out the form digitally through Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you open the pdf with a different pdf reader, it may not allow you to e-sign the final 2 pages.

*Upon receipt of your completed intake form, I will contact you to schedule our consultation. I am unable to have a consultation without receiving the completed and signed intake form.

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Still have questions? Please contact me!